About Carbon Copy Consulting

Search Engine Marketing Company With Southern Hospitality And Die Hard Work Ethic.

meHi Brian McDaniel here. Owner and CEO of Carbon Copy Consulting. I’m the guy you’ll deal with in most cases. Welcome.

Carbon Copy Consulting was started out of a need. See, back in 2008 I needed a way to promote our wealth management business. Google AdWords is where all the big players were playing. I made it work and realized AdWords was brand new and I knew more about it than any other marketing platform. A friend of a friend hired me to promote his state wide dealership, then another for their regional construction business, then another, and another. The rest is history. We currently manage search engine marketing for a diversified client base, advertising multiple products and services across the globe driving leads, calls, sales, and profits.

Myself, my wife, and our network of awarding winning marketing associates across the world work together to manage profit producing websites through Google AdWords search engine marketing.

logoWe provide 3 solutions to busy entrepreneurs and small business owners alike.

  • AdWords Setup, Optimization, And Complete Management
  • Affordable Conversion Optimized Mobile Ready Websites
  • Transparent PPC Management, Personal Coaching, And Consultation

The Heart of Carbon Copy Consulting




Google Certified Partner, Award Winning Marketer, Family Man, and Country Boy. Head of operations.




Super Woman. Personal assistant, bookkeeper, human resources. AKA: The Boss



PR Manager

Local promotion, networking with clients, saying hello on mastermind calls. Social Butterfly



Events Coordinator

Determines office locations for the day, or week, and plans business consulting travel destinations

The Team

I could list picture after picture of the network of awarded, top in their field entrepreneurs we work with to accomplish your goals. From representatives and strategist within Google, to gurus in very specific fields such as programming, data sorting, website code, etc. Our team lives around the globe, most working from their homes or their vacation cabins.

Carbon Copy Consulting manages and consults our clients on the absolute best methods to generate a constant flow of leads and profits from your online marketing. We begin with a client always making sure we have a great website and begin immediately targeting your perfect customer through Google AdWords advertising.

Our marketing team makes anything we need to do possible and seamless. Let’s face it… you want leads and you want them now without the headaches and the bleeding budgets. You can’t want to super charge your business and not at the very least shoot us an email and start a conversation. Your call my friend.

Okay… here’s one picture of some of our trusted associates and team members.

It’d be an honor to talk to you about your business and how our team and yours can work together to achieve your desired goals. Have a look around first, then click here to contact us.