AdWords Pay-Per-Click Management… Designed And Executed… To Get You Leads, Phone Calls, And Sales!

You Deserve an AdWords PPC management company focused on your goals, getting you results.

Leads, Sign-ups, Calls & Sales.

Google AdWords Search Engine Marketing; Your business on the 1st page of Google when it matters most. By now you know… ready to buy customers go to their phones to find local businesses, services, and products.

Together, we’ll get customers finding your business and transform your advertising into a conversion generator without you spending more money or grinding all your time away trying to make AdWords profitable.

Targeted website traffic managed properly means you can finally stop wondering when the next lead is coming in and start making sales like never before. Fill in the form on this page, tell us what AdWords help you need, and we will schedule your free consultation and review.

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adwords ppc management company
  • Everything Required Included

    We don’t limit campaigns, ad groups, or keywords. We do whatever is deemed necessary to get you shown and to capture as man y conversions as possible. Your advertising budget is your only limiter.

  • 14 Day Walk Away Guarantee

    You can be confident knowing that if for any reason you get cold feet, you can walk away within the first 14 days and we’ll gladly refund all the money you’ll pay us.

  • Wasted Ad Spend Elimination

    We make sure ad spend is protected in new and existing accounts through negative keywords, conversion tracking, and split testing.

  • All Networks Serviced

    Experienced in all networks and extensions of Google search, display, remarketing, video, and shopping campaigns. From one-time optimization to full service PPC management on a monthly basis.

  • Full Transparency

    Open line of communication by phone, email, text, and online video chats. Full traffic and conversion reporting delivered when you want it.

  • Ongoing Consultation

    Expert advice from an award winning marketing team to optimize your other marketing to ensure optimal AdWords from landing page design to SEO.

…His advise and experience is far beyond the reach of other companies we have worked with in the past twenty years…Duane O'Hara

You know by now that your AdWords PPC management company should do more than a little maintenance on your account each month. You want experience… you deserve people who are finding what works, scaling those results, and opening up new markets. You can’t run AdWords pay-per-click advertising and not have landing pages built to convert, super targeted keywords, and compelling ad copy. Stop wasting your money draining your bank account each month paying more for leads than you make.

As an AdWords PPC Management Company…

We offer pretty reports, plenty of updates, and one-on-one customer service. Most people are just like you, we understand your concerns. That’s why working with you closely to maintain confidence and profitability is priority #1. When implementing marketing strategies using the AdWords tools in our arsenal you will see the bleeding stop. With profits there is no pain, just money in the bank.

Why Choose Us?adwords ppc management company

  • We’re not a “jack of all trades” kind of ppc management company. Instead, we are AdWords professionals skilled and trained to generate you leads.
  • You’ll be confident knowing we control local, regional, national, and global business accounts and campaigns for businesses just like yours.
  • Forget fluctuating rates and surprise fees with our flat rate pricing.
  • Enjoy our 14 Day Walk Away Guarantee.


Contractors, dentists, real estate companies, water remediation services, lawyers, roofers, dealerships, schools, engineers, landscapers, hospitals, various eCommerce clients selling a large quantity of different products, and the list goes on and on.

Since 2008 business owners just like you have hired us to do one thing, get 1st page results on Google. Advertising with a target message, to a target market, exactly at the time they search for the keyword term “Find a Veterinarian in Cleveland” or “DUI Lawyers In Jacksonville FL” for example.

Carbon Copy Consulting has been providing AdWords help to companies just like yours utilizing all avenues within Google AdWords. Search, Display, RLSA Remarketing, Display Remarketing, eCommerce Marketing, YouTube Video Marketing, and Google shopping; If it can be done, we have done it.

What’s Important

We’re not the biggest baddest do it all marketing company, far from it. We are the AdWords PPC Management Company that does just that, provide AdWords management services. Our team consists of multiple award winning marketers winning out best in the country among SEO, Video Marketing, Blogging, Email Marketing, and many more. However, our passion and expertise is AdWords PPC Management.

You should fill out the form on this page and see if the services we provide can help you recharge your business and get it moving in the right direction. We’ll get you a free marketing plan and quote, set up a time to explain it to you and go from there. No commitment required until you decide to hire us.

Rated in Top 5% By Google For
Performance and Customer Care

Our AdWords PPC Management Process

Your Vision & Goals Perceived

Once you email is in, we will respond and set up a follow-up time to discuss your marketing plan and quote. On the follow-up we will ask a few questions, explain in depth your best plan of action, answer your questions, then ask what you want to do.

Discovery & Development

We will begin immediately researching your industry, profession, and competition. Then we will dissect your current marketing. Finding your perfect clients we will develop a marketing plan designed specifically for you and your business. Once completed, we will setup a time to deliver and present your plan.

Presentation & Decision

Once we’ve confirmed a time through email, we’ll meet by phone or video chat to ask you a few questions, present your plan accordingly, then allow you to ask all those questions you’re anxious to ask.

Once this is completed, we’ll ask you if you’re ready to take action and move forward with us or if you want to implement the marketing strategy we gave you yourself. Either way, you’ll have a free hard copy of what we’d do to generate leads, calls, and sales for your business.

Configuration of Account

You said yes and hired us. Thank you for your business… Now it’s time to get started. This is when we get your account setup or gain access to your current account. We’ll be calling often the first couple of weeks… gathering Intel and clarification, creating landing pages designed to convert traffic, sorting keyword lists and so much more. By the end of the week, your account will be structured to perform and is now ready to be built out with targeted campaigns and ad groups.

Phase #1 Launch

By week two we’ll make our last triple check of everything and have your campaigns ready to launch, then we flip the switch and turn it on. As we start generating traffic, we’ll watch bids, budgets, search query’s, dimensions, segments… everything while your new data compiles.

Phase #2 Sort & Optimize

Once we begin reaching click and cost thresholds, the fun begins. We begin killing keywords and ads making adjustments account wide plugging holes that are leaking wasted ad spend. We then move money around to fund the things that are bringing in leads at a positive ROI. I could go on for days, but the gist is… It’s time to improve results and scale operations if you will.

Phase #3 Scale What’s Working

Once we have your campaign inline and working properly, we begin to segment out your advertising reaching deeper into the lead pool. Things begin to get really focused as we drive down costs and drive up profitable conversions. We open new services, products, and markets while excluding poor producing markets, and use more tools to expand reach into your buyers funnel. We can scale because now we know what works.

Phase #4 Repeat, Expand, Create

The process essentially continues on forever. Markets change, supply cost rise, new products come out. There are constant changes happening everyday that effect each of our businesses. Your marketing and advertising must stay up to change if you intend to keep in the game. Much like a relationship, Google works well and shows love when nurtured and taken care of often.

Questions Asked Most Often

You do have to have an account, but it doesn’t require you to start over with a new account. If you’re just beginning, it would be wise to start with a new account. No worries, we’ll take care of it.
You only pay when someone interacts with your advertising, such as clicking your ad to visit your website. Ad spend is how much you want to spend on advertising, or your costs-per-click each month.
Our basic and professional plans are month-to-month. Our consulting plans require a 6 month contract to start, then falls back to month to month from there.
For the work and time it takes to setup your account, install conversion tracking, build out campaigns and so on. This is a one time fee. When it’s done you own it. We don’t lock our clients into anything.
Yes, you will need a website for us to help you. Don’t have one? . You might want to check out our work here.
We begin the relationship always with web design or Google AdWords. We do manage Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest advertising. We even oversee email campaigns, write sales copy, perform SEO, create blog traffic and so on. We do a lot of things, but AdWords is a must for us to work with you.
Yes, we do. If you don’t dig what’s happening the first 14 days, we’ll pay you back every penny you’ll pay us. After that, all sales are final and you pay per month with the option to cancel at anytime.
14 Day Guarantee
Once we get started, you’ll have the complete freedom to walk away within 14 days and receive all the money you will pay us back in full… No hassle, no fuss.

You’re Ready, We’re Ready to Help!

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Get Results, Better Results. Contact Us Now And Let's Talk


No worries, We hate spam too. We'll never share your information.